UX Design - The Stage of Execution

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UX Design Execution

This is the fifth blog in the series of 10 blogs where I am explaining all the aspects of the UX Design process and how they contribute to the whole design process. Also, it is my attempt to make my clients understand what an ideal UX Design partner must offer them.

So, by far the steps I discussed earlier will give us with the skeleton of the whole Digital Product. And in this blog, the UX designer will add mass to it and bring the whole entity to life! It is time to implement and execute all the creative ideas that the designers have brewed and integrate all the functionalities which was just a theory until now. The three major factors to look into are the User Interface, the User Navigation and the Responsiveness!

SWhile there are a lot of factors to be taken into consideration but, instead of focusing on the process, the client must worry about the outcome! So, to help them understand what should be an ideal outcome, I are presenting how each factor and its strategic implementation mentioned above will help in making the User Experience, delightful.

User Interface- The element that portrays Brand's Image

If you are aware of the recent marketing gimmick, the giants are dropping their logos and names from their social media platforms and products and are relying on the icons and elements that represent their brands! Doritos removed their name and logo from the Social Media platforms and replaced it with a Triangle shaped snack! Same was done by Cadbury in their Dairy milk product and by others!

While the gimmick is receiving mixed reviews, the thing that is noteworthy is how the elements and the icons have taken the centre stage and their importance in Brand Identification and Recall! So, it is essential that the UI elements of your application are designed in a way that it signifies and compliments to the Client and his brand. Every aspect of User Interface right from font, icons, text to images must be strategized and planned to compliment your brand.

For instance, which app comes to your mind when I say, swipe left and swipe right- Tinder. Name the brand that lets you play a game when you lose Internet connection- Google Chrome. The brand which turns its loading and buffering circle turned into a fun snake game while there is a slow connection- YouTube. These brands have capitalised on such minimal things and have made it their identity! Thus, it is essential that your Digital Product has such elements that shape its identity.

User Navigation

There are many studies and researches circling the User Navigation! Study says that endless scrolling in blogs leads to lower bounce rates. The Standard Text Link navigation is the best for websites as most of the users are aware of it and they would relate to it quickly. Icons are the best for Mobile App navigation. But, instead of relying on such generic and singular approaches, the brand and Designer must focus on the audience at hand and then based on their defined User Persona, the Navigation must be designed.

The User Navigation flow should be such that it helps the users in conveniently finding their desired product or service with minimal efforts and it should also encourage users to take action that contributes to the economic and business goals. Thus, it is essential that the designer works on User Navigation after thoroughly understanding the Business Goals and User Preferences. Such an approach will make your Digital Product, more accepted, relatable and the User Experience satisfactory.

Responsiveness and Seamless Transition

Smartphones are the cornerstone of the whole Technology domain! Any brand whether it is old or new, if they are not spending a considerable time and effort in developing and upgrading their platform to become Mobile Responsive, such brands are at far greater risk of being ignored by the Users! And, if it you are planning to have a web as well as a Mobile Platform, then it is essential that the users can seamlessly transit from one platform to another without any problems or abnormalities.

Apart from that, if your Virtual Platform has a B2C business model, there is one another development that you need to look into- the voice search! Whether it is an e-commerce platform or an appointment booking application, the brands must also look into making the app more compatible with Voice Searches as they are the next “Thing” in the market and the brands that are not responsive to voice search can lose a lot of potential business.

Stay ahead of the Competition Curve with my Design Services

It is essential that you choose an ideal UX designer that is well aware of the market and user trends and helps you capitalise on the User Trends! I has hard-wired all their support with the zest of self-evolution and are very much passionate to make all of their client's projects- a UX masterpiece.

Also, if you liked what you just read, I am covering all the aspects of UX Design here in my blog section to help my clients in choosing an ideal UX Design partner and if you wish to understand how important whole UX Design process is; stay tuned to this space.

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