3rd June, 2021

8 mins

UX Research - the first on the UX Design Checklist

product, ux, experience, ui, interface, designer, and front-end developer, web, design
product, ux, experience, ui, interface, designer, and front-end developer, web, design
product, ux, experience, ui, interface, designer, and front-end developer, web, design

What if one of your most prestigious clients is going to visit your premises and you are to arrange for the whole voyage? And what if it is essential for your business that they experience comfort, delight and are thoroughly satisfied with your hospitality? While you might be aware of the professional preferences of the Client, the first thing that you will do is research about is their personal choices in what he likes and dislikes.

Designing the User Experience for any IT Solution is almost similar! The client might have a generic idea about the behavior of his Target Audience, but to ensure that the User can comfortably navigate through the application and have a delightful experience while accessing your IT product, the UX Designer will first have to research about the Users, their behavior, their choices, and their preferences.

The reason why UX Research stays first on the UX Design checklist is because the Research findings will be the base of UX Designing. And while the market has a certain set of protocols that they follow for UX Research, I believe that the criteria of UX Research are solely dependent upon the Application, its purpose, and the outcome that is desired from the users.

But before I understand how UX Research works, let’s first understand all the possible studies that are conducted under UX Research:

Aspects of UX Research

User Behaviour Analysis-

A study of the likes, dislikes, choices, wants, digital knowledge and all the other aspects of the possible users of the application that shapes their decision making.

Competitor Analysis-

A study of what competitors are offering and thorough understanding of the gaps, pain points, conversion tactics, possible Points of Differences and deriving Points of Parity.

Data Analytics-

Analysing different data metrics to understand the usability ratio, product acceptance ratio, derive the behaviour of users at different phases of product cycle and analysis of other such feasibility and App Usability probabilities to better design the product and to make it future-proof.

Product Study-

The analysis is done to understand how important the product will be for the end-users and what would they expect from the product.

Market Study-

To understand the trends of the market, analysis of products that are thriving in the market, products that failed and derive logical reasons of what ensured their success or failure.

CTA Strategy Analysis-

This analysis is to understand the stimulus of the users i.e. to derive what design element or what CTAs prompt the users to take desired action.

Decision of UX Research

As discussed earlier, selecting the criteria of UX Research is dependent upon the nature and purpose of the Application. For instance, we get the task of designing the User Experience of two applications from the same Industry, and both the applications are from clients who are dealing in similar products with similar audiences! But, the first client wants an enterprise solution that will digitize their Business Operations and will help them employ Automation to increase the productivity of their resources. And on the other, the second client wants a CRM Solution that can help their business representatives in managing their leads and ultimately increase the lead conversion ratio of the business.

So, can I deliver an ideal UX Design if I follow the same Research procedure for both the clients? Absolutely not! For the first client, I will conduct direct interviews with the end-users of the application and do a thorough User Behaviour Analysis along with market study and business operations study to design their Enterprise Solution.

For the second client, I will have to understand the end-users behavior; I will also have to do thorough competitor analysis and proper product study to design a delightful User experience for the users of the CRM.

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It is essential that you collaborate with a UX Designer who understands what is necessary for your IT Solution and caters personalized UX Research services to you to make informed decisions.

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