Luxurious Liquor Trust

Utilizing Blockchain and IoT technologies, I developed an MVP for a Belgian start-up focused on building trust between luxurious liquor brands and customers. The project involved creating a scalable design system, implementing innovative features, and using StoryBook for rapid front-end development, all while tracking the product's success through key performance indicators.


Building Trust in Luxury Liquor

Supporting content: Imagine entering a high-end bar or liquor store and wondering why the spirits on display are so expensive. As you examine a bottle, you notice an NFC tag on top and decide to tap your phone on it. Suddenly, you're presented with a wealth of information about the liquor, from its manufacturer to the awards it has won.

This was the vision of a Belgium-based start-up I collaborated with, aiming to build trust between luxury liquor brands and their customers using cutting-edge technologies like Blockchain, IoT, and design thinking. I played a vital role in the project, developing an efficient and scalable MVP, creating a StoryBook for rapid feature integration, and monitoring the product's success through key performance indicators.

Ultimately, we created an innovative product that connected customers with their favorite spirits, providing a memorable experience that elevated the luxury liquor industry.


Bridging Luxury Liquor and Trust

• Product Strategy

• Product Design

• User Experience

• NFC Research

• Design System & StoryBook Creation

• Front-end Development

“Our goal was to forge a secure and transparent relationship between luxury liquor brands and their customers. Thanks to a fantastic team, we achieved that goal and set a new standard in the industry.”

- Mr. M. R., CEO and Co-Founder

Accelerated Operations

Reduced operational time by 100x, streamlining the process and enabling customers to access their desired beverages faster than ever before.

Task Completion Rate

Aided by the robust design system and the seamless integration of React.js StoryBook, the task completion rate saw a significant increase to 88.5%.

Satisfaction Rate

The combination of an intuitive design, comprehensive overviews, and a wealth of information led to a remarkable customer satisfaction rate of 8 out of 10.

User Engagement Boost

he start-up successfully enhanced user engagement by 92%, offering customers quick and secure access to relevant information about their favorite drinks.

Pioneering Trust in the Luxury Liquor Market

Trust-Building NFC


The innovative project showcased the advantages of Blockchain-based IoT solutions in building trust between luxury liquor brands and their customers. Distributed ledger technology (DLT) provided a secure foundation for storing transactions and safeguarding private information, while IoT-enabled devices like NFC tags offered real-time data access and an enhanced customer experience.

The design thinking process facilitated the creation of an intuitive and secure product, with a scalable design system that accommodated new features. The React.js StoryBook allowed for rapid feature iteration, ensuring performance indicators and usability were maintained. Thorough testing ensured a bug-free and seamless user experience.

Luxurious Liquor Dashboard

Spirit Origins

Users gained access to detailed overviews of their desired spirits, including information about the manufacturer, ingredient sourcing, awards, age, and ownership history. This feature not only provided users with the information they needed to make informed decisions but also instilled confidence in the product's authenticity and security.

Luxurious Liquor Dashboard

Ownership Tracking

The Ownership Tracking feature allowed users to seamlessly and securely accept or reject incoming and outgoing ownership of spirits, complete with search and filter metrics. This helped users stay informed about their collection and make better decisions, while benefiting from the enhanced security and transparency provided by blockchain and IoT integration.

Luxurious Liquor Dashboard

Seamless Transfers

The Transfer feature enabled users to effortlessly and securely transfer ownership of spirits to others via a simple step involving only an email address. This feature even allowed for bulk transfers, adding further convenience. All transfers were recorded in a blockchain-based ledger, ensuring traceability and secure tracking of ownership changes.

Luxurious Liquor Dashboard
Luxurious Liquor Dashboard
Luxurious Liquor Dashboard
Luxurious Liquor Dashboard

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