Elite Diamond Emporium

Collaborating with a team to audit and revamp an existing platform, we developed a roadmap for product evolution, identified key performance indicators, updated the UI, tested proposed features, established a scalable design system, and maintained an ethical evaluation throughout the process.


Rejuvenating the Diamond Trade

A premier Belgian diamond exporter with a legacy of over 50 years faced dwindling business due to an outdated and unattractive platform. Seeking assistance, they turned to a team of UX designers, including myself, for a much-needed transformation.

Through extensive research, we identified key customer personas: the busy entrepreneur, the diamond enthusiast, and the traditionalist. This insight enabled us to craft a modern, visually appealing platform with clear calls to action, an impressive inventory, and an intuitive layout. As the revamped platform rolled out, the response was overwhelmingly positive, leading to increased business and a renewed commitment to prioritizing user needs and feedback.


My Contributions

• Product Strategy

• Product Design

• User Research

• Design System

“The UX design services we received were invaluable in enhancing our online platform, resulting in increased engagement and conversions. Our users have praised the new design for its simplicity and ease of use, enabling them to easily find the diamonds they seek. Investing in user research and testing provided us with critical insights into our users' needs, which we will continue to prioritize as we refine our platform.”

- Mr. V. E., Chief Technology Officer



Expedited Operations

Following the platform's transformation, users could quickly search, compare, and purchase their desired diamonds, resulting in rapid word-of-mouth growth and widespread adoption.


Task Completion Rate

The platform's intuitive UX and seamless transition between browsing and purchasing led to a significant improvement in task completion rates, contributing to its undeniable success.


Satisfaction Rate

The revamped platform captivated users with its visually striking design and easy-to-navigate layout, earning an impressive satisfaction rating of 8.5/10.


Enhanced User Engagement

The improved user experience resulted in increased time spent on the platform, higher conversion rates, and more user feedback, all contributing to elevated satisfaction levels.

Enlightened Diamond Shopping Experiences

Transforming the Diamond Shopping Experience from Stressful to Enjoyable


Diamond shopping can be a daunting experience, with many feeling overwhelmed when trying to find the perfect gem. We analyzed existing diamond shopping platforms to understand users' needs and determined that a comprehensive platform offering a vast selection, detailed information, and easy comparison tools would empower users to make informed and confident decisions.

Elite Diamond Dashboard

Advanced Optimization

Our platform's advanced optimization features allow users to choose from a multitude of diamond shapes, carat ranges, cut rankings, polish rankings, and more. Users can select the ideal laboratory to certify their diamonds, with options from GIA and AGS, as well as location-based services for finding nearby providers.

Elite Diamond Dashboard

Expansive Inventory

With access to over 10 million diamonds, users can effortlessly compare and select their ideal gem based on various metrics. They can create customized optimization inventories, receive reminders for new or in-process diamonds, and even place bulk orders or book inspections at manufacturing plants.

Elite Diamond Dashboard

360° View

Purchasing a diamond can be an intimidating process due to the need to verify its certificate, understand its details, and assess its quality and provenance. Our platform's 360° View feature simplifies this process, allowing users to fully examine the diamond, view its sparkling appearance from all angles, and even watch a video of it in motion. This feature enables users to confidently make informed decisions about their diamond purchases.

Elite Diamond Dashboard
Elite Diamond Dashboard
Elite Diamond Dashboard
Elite Diamond Dashboard

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