Women's Health Tracker

Conducted user research with women who had a history of heart issues or were interested in monitoring their heart health to gain insight into the problem and its context. Analyzed existing research on women's heart health and reviewed similar apps on the market to inform the development of a comprehensive heart health tracking solution for women.


Empowering Women's Heart Health

Collaborating with a healthcare start-up, I developed HeartGuard, an IoT app designed to track women's heart health. I began by conducting user research and analyzing existing studies to gain insights into women's heart health concerns. Additionally, I investigated ECG and stress-tracking devices to understand the necessary features and capabilities.

Using the gathered data, I designed an efficient and reliable tracking solution, which included features to monitor heart rate, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and share ECG strip with doctors. HeartGuard empowers women to proactively make informed health choices by providing a comprehensive understanding of their heart health and suggesting when to take preventive measures.

The app efficiently provides women with comprehensive heart health tracking and equips them with the necessary tools to make well-informed decisions about their health.


Crafting HeartGuard

• Product Strategy

• UX Research

• IoT and ECG Research

• iOS and Android App Design

“This project was such an incredible accomplishment for our start-up, and we could not have done it without you. Your expert knowledge and dedication to the project made it a tremendous success, and we are grateful for your invaluable contribution! Our team is truly humbled and motivated to continue moving forward with our mission of bettering women's heart health in innovative ways.”

- Mr. J. S., Founder and CEO

Streamlined Tracking

By focusing on creating a simple, intuitive interface for HeartGuard, users could complete their heart health tracking tasks more quickly and efficiently.

Task Completion Success

User testing demonstrated that users could easily navigate HeartGuard and find the information and tools needed to complete their tasks.

User Satisfaction

HeartGuard received positive feedback from users and stakeholders, resulting in a high satisfaction rate for overall usability and quality of the information provided.

Increased Engagement

HeartGuard's comprehensive and user-friendly features encouraged users to engage with the app regularly, taking action based on the insights and recommendations provided.

Exploring novel solutions to address women's cardiovascular health and electrocardiography monitoring


Women often face barriers to accessing reliable heart health information, understanding medical terminology, finding time for self-care, and staying motivated. HeartGuard addresses these challenges by providing an easy-to-use app to monitor heart data and receive personalized insights and recommendations.

HeartGuard sends notifications for detected abnormalities, allows users to compare heart data over time, and sets medication reminders. With this solution, women can access reliable information, better understand their heart health and medical terms, and stay motivated to take proactive steps towards maintaining their overall well-being.

Female Health Dashboard

Live ECG

HeartGuard's Live ECG feature enables women to track their cardiac health in real-time, monitoring heart rate, ECG, and other metrics during exercise. Live ECG also allows them to securely share their data with their doctor for a comprehensive understanding of any cardiac issues that may be present.

Female Health Dashboard

ECG Monitoring

HeartGuard's ECG Monitoring feature empowers women to take control of their cardiac health. With easy-to-understand dashboards and personalized reports, users can review their ECG data and set goals tailored to their needs. ECG Monitoring helps them make more informed decisions about lifestyle and diet changes that can improve their health.

Female Health Dashboard

Device Connectivity

HeartGuard's Device Connectivity feature allows women to stay connected to their heart health at all times. They can connect multiple wireless and wearable devices to view their data in one comprehensive interface. This convenience gives them the power to take preventative steps, ensuring their heart health is never compromised.

Female Health Dashboard
Female Health Dashboard
Female Health Dashboard
Female Health Dashboard

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