Luxury Wardrobe Ownership

Designed & Developed Blockchain & IoT-based high-value garment ownership app from ground 0 - 1 ideas to make it a reality. I mapped out a roadmap for creating an MVP, targeting the right audience, usability study & research, tested proposed features, designed a scalable system for swift iteration, and maintained an ethical evaluation—to optimize user engagement and enable faster operations.


Authentic Threads: Revolutionizing Luxury Fashion

A fabulous fashion designer's firm in the UK had recently launched a new line of luxurious garments. Everyone wanted a piece of the action but were hesitant to buy due to the high prices. The market was full of counterfeit first-copy garments, and customers were not confident enough to make the purchase.

That is when we decided to leverage blockchain technology to build trust between brand and customers. We embedded garments with NFC tags and secured them with provenance through blockchain tokens.

Luxury shoppers were now able to authenticate the garments with a single click. Plus, they could also access influencers and creators' feeds related to the garment. This made it easier for customers to make an informed decision about the product and have a secure buying experience.

The firm's luxury garment line was now becoming the talk of the town. With blockchain-enabled trust and authentication, we managed to regain the customer's confidence and created a buzz in the market. This case study is meant to encourage other luxury brands to take up innovative technologies to build trust and secure the buyer's experience.


Crafting Trust in the Luxury Fashion Market

• Product Strategy

• Product Design

• User Experience

• NFC Research

• Design System & StoryBook Creation

• Front-end Development

“At Lavish Brands, we pride ourselves on embracing cutting-edge technology to build trust between our brand and customers. Our customers' security and confidence are paramount, and we are delighted to offer them this groundbreaking technology to authenticate our garments and ensure the authenticity of their purchases.”

- Mr. G. T., CTO

Expedited Transactions

Implementing Blockchain technology allowed Lavish Brands to swiftly authenticate garments, providing customers peace of mind about their genuine purchases. This not only accelerated transactions but also heightened customer satisfaction and enriched user experience.

Task Completion Boost

With the assurance of genuine purchases, customers easily authenticate their garments with a single click, encouraging them to complete more transactions and bolstering the task completion rate for Lavish Brands.

Elevated Satisfaction

Blockchain implementation has greatly enhanced customer satisfaction for Lavish Brands. Customers, confident in the authenticity of their purchases, are more likely to be happy with their buying experience and rate the product favorably.

Enhanced User Engagement

Incorporating NFC tags and integrating influencers' and creators' feeds led to superior user engagement for Lavish Brands. Users can now connect with garments more intimately, resulting in higher sales and satisfaction rates.

Creating an app that reveals the truth of luxury garments and builds trust while implementing emerging tech of NFC and Blockchain.


The main challenge that we faced was that the market was full of counterfeit first copy garments, which affected brand's luxurious garments. Customers were not confident enough to make an expensive purchase if there was a chance of it being a fake. This posed a risk to the brand reputation and sales.

In order to build trust between their brand and customers, we decided to implement blockchain technology, which allowed them to easily authenticate the garments and provide assurance to their customers that their purchases were genuine.

Another problem that we faced was user engagement. Customers needed to be more connected to their product and be able to interact with it more deeply in order to make an informed decision. This is why we implemented NFC tags and influencers and creators' feeds.

Luxury Wardrobe Dashboard

Genuinity Authentication

By leveraging blockchain technology, users are able to quickly and easily authenticate their garments and ensure that their purchases are genuine.

The embedded NFC tags, along with the provenance secured by blockchain tokens, makes it easier for customers to quickly verify the genuinity of the product and make informed purchases.

Luxury Wardrobe Dashboard

Collection & Collaborations

Traditional retail options did not give customers the freedom and options to explore different collections and collaborations. With the introduction of NFC tags and IoT technology, Lavish Brands are now able to give customers more options with their collections and collaborations. Customers are now able to access influencers and creators' feeds related to the garment, and make informed decisions.

Luxury Wardrobe Dashboard

Community Feed

By connecting their garments with the digital world via blockchain, lavish brands are now able to create a more engaged community. Customers are now able to interact with the product on a deeper level, and with the assurance that their purchases are genuine, they are happier to engage with the brand and its products. This has led to higher customer satisfaction rates and increased sales for Lavish Brands.

Luxury Wardrobe Dashboard
Luxury Wardrobe Dashboard
Luxury Wardrobe Dashboard
Luxury Wardrobe Dashboard

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