Immersive Furniture Experience

As a Principal Product & Design System Specialist Designer, I led the research and development of an innovative mobile app harnessing the power of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) technologies. I carefully identified the target audience, selected the features to be included, monitored the app's key performance indicators (KPIs), and applied an ethical and objective evaluation process to ensure the app's success.


FurnishSpace: Transforming Home Furnishings Shopping

At a time when business struggled, a reputed Sweden-based multinational home furnishings retailer faced the ever-present challenge of providing customers with a realistic experience of its vast portfolio of home furnishings to boost sales. After conducting extensive research on AR and VR technologies, I proposed an innovative emerging AR/VR app solution to deliver a realistic experience of the furniture before buying.

I identified the target audience, carefully selected the features to be included, considered their needs and expectations, and monitored the app's key performance indicators (KPIs) to ensure that it reached the desired outcome.

Using the cutting-edge technologies of AR and VR, delivering an astounding realistic experience of the products in the customers' homes, precisely as if they were in person, was possible. By leveraging AR technology, users could authentically experience the furniture in their home or their interior before buying it. Similarly, by utilizing VR technology, customers could virtually experience furniture in various interiors from the store or available VR devices at home.

The app was an instant success, garnering rave reviews for its realistic Immersive Furniture Experience experience and helping propel home furnishings retailer sales. The app's success was ultimately due to the ethical and objective evaluation process adopted, which enabled us to maximize the achievement of its purpose.


Revolutionizing Furniture Shopping through AR/VR

• AR & VR Technology Research

• Usability Research

• Product Design

“The introduction of the FurnishSpace AR/VR app revolutionized our home furnishings shopping experience, enabling customers to explore our products in a realistic virtual environment, making informed buying decisions, and driving our sales growth. We are immensely proud of the work accomplished and grateful to everyone who contributed to this project's success.”

- Mr. R. T., CTO

Streamlined Shopping

The app also enabled faster operations for home furnishings retailer. By leveraging AR/VR technology, customers do not have to manually go to the store or search for items. This saves time and provides a fast, efficient shopping experience. Additionally, the mobile platform provides convenience for customers who can shop from anywhere.

Enhanced Task Completion

The task completion rate for home furnishings retailer was also improved significantly due to the app. The app enabled customers to complete their purchase quickly and easily with minimal effort, allowing them to save time and effort.

Elevated Satisfaction

As a result of introducing the app, customer satisfaction rate improved significantly as customers were provided with an immersive and realistic experience of furniture. The use of AR/VR enabled customers to make more informed decisions and avoid costly mistakes.

Boosted User Engagement

User engagement levels also improved thanks to the AR/VR. Customers were more likely to use the app due to the convenience and efficiency of the shopping process. This in turn drove more sales and revenues for home furnishings retailer.

Pioneering Immersive Retail Solutions

Delivering an innovative and realistic furniture shopping experience for a leading home furnishings retailer


The purpose of developing the app was to provide customers a realistic experience of the furniture before making a purchase. One of the major challenges was to minimize the gap between the physical product and its virtual representation in order to create a realistic experience. To this end, we carried out extensive research on the latest AR/VR technologies, identified the target audience, and carefully selected the features to be included in the app.

In addition, we monitored the app's key performance indicators (KPIs), such as downloads, user engagement, levels of satisfaction, and purchase ratio and realized that those KPIs were key indicators of the success of the app. We developed a sustainable model of data-driven decision-making that enabled us to effectively measure and evaluate the success of the app.

By leveraging AR and VR technologies, it was possible to authentically mimic the feel of being in the same physical space as the product, thus making it easier for customers to make well-informed purchase decisions. This resulted in an increase in sales for home furnishings retailer, was a testament to the success of the app.

Thanks to the ethical and objective evaluation process adopted in combination with the cutting-edge technologies used, we were able to maximize the success of the app. We were able to establish an effective data-driven decision system and deliver an awesome realistic experience to the customers, helping home furnishings retailer to boost its sales in the process.

Virtual Furniture Dashboard

Discover Furniture

Search, filter furniture, shop by categories such as popular furniture, recently visited furniture, and more. Furthermore, customers can add products to theircart quickly and review ratings of the furniture to make an informed purchase decision.

Virtual Furniture Dashboard

360° View

Enables users to view a 360° view of furniture, as well as make quick and innovative selections of colors, sizes, and styles of furniture. Moreover, customers can view product reviews and rating before they purchase.

Virtual Furniture Dashboard

AR Solution

Quickly and easily try furniture in their home's interior or any other space. Through AR technology, customers can experience the furniture in their own home before purchasing it. This enables customers to make more informed buying decisions.

Virtual Furniture Dashboard
Virtual Furniture Dashboard
Virtual Furniture Dashboard
Virtual Furniture Dashboard

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