Robust mobile and web application

Robust mobile and web application with captivating UI and payment integration for a renowned fishing boat rental business.

My Role

Lead Visual / UI Designer


Sep 2018 - May 2019

Robust mobile and web application with captivating UI and payment integration for a renowned fishing boat rental business. product, ux, experience, ui, interface, designer, and front-end developer, web, design

Client Introduction:

The client was a bona fide entrepreneur who was operating a boat rental and boat rides business where he provided rental Fishing Boats and scheduled cruise rides to the fishing aficionados. The client had many boats that cruised daily into the sea and for those who wished to join them could book an entire boat or could book a spot and go on a relaxing fishing trip.

Business Scenario:

The client was running an offline business and had an office from where interested people can book their boat or space for fishing. They had a website but the website was developed in a legacy technology that was only launched to provide weather reports and captain reports so that their end-users could have some idea about the trips. Although, the information published on the website was useful for the end-users, but the meaningless UI and bad information architecture lead to bad user experiences.

Apart from that, the client also faced problems in managing bookings offline and had to incur a lot of administrative costs to keep their customers informed and manage the business's information and bookings. Thus, instead of re-engineering their old website, they connected with the need for a robust mobile application with following requirements:

The client contacted and presented with the following requirements of their Mobile Application:

A mobile application with captivating User Interface and seamless User Experience

Payment Gateway integration for direct bookings from the application

To design the information architecture in a manner that it provided channelled and streamlined information to the end-users with appropriate Call To Actions (CTAs) placed for increased conversions

Application that supports multiple roles and access based on their roles

Based on those requirements, below are the cross-platform Mobile Application Development and Designing services provided to the client:


To provide all comprehensive and satisfactory Development and Designing services to the client, I compiled a cross-functional team of an Analyst, UX Designer, Mobile App Developer, UI Designer, and a Tester to work on the project. The team did the business analysis, understood the industry requirements, and rendered services after a thorough analysis.

Benefits to the Client

Reduction in the administrative cost of the business by 73%.

Mobile and web applications also helped clients better communicate with their customers and gather feedback to make informed decisions.

The application boosted end-users booking conversion by 38%.

Digitalization of business also helped in streamlining the business operations and the accounting operations.

The application created a pleasant experience for the business, which improved the overall brand image.

The application also served as perfect marketing collateral to reach a larger target audience with minimal effort.

Benefits to the End-users

The end-users can carry out pleasant and hassle-free transactions with the business.

The end-users can make bookings at their convenience without the need to visit the site.

The end-users also got access to important information about the trips and required items.

The application eliminated the need for support staff to check for the availability of the boat or slot on the boat post navigation.