Product Design

Extensive UX and UI designing services for elite diamond exporter.

My Role

Lead Visual / UI Designer


Sep 2018 - May 2019

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Client Introduction:

The client is an one of the top elite Diamond Exporters of the world established at the Diamond Capital of the world, Surat. With a rough estimation of $859 Million USD and business operations spread across the globe, the client has established his organisation as one of the key players of the Diamond Industries.

Business Scenario:

Since the client had business operations spread across the globe, there online platform i.e. their website had many different purposes to accomplish apart from exhibiting the beliefs, products and services of the business. The website also served as a portal for inquiry, updates and purchase of diamonds for the elite clients of the organisation. Also, the website had a news section where they broadcasted the news about the industry.

The problem that the organisation faced with their website was that the website was developed using an obsolete technology and although the website had all the necessary details about the business, due to the lack of UX optimisation and poor UI of the website, the clients of the organisation had to face a lot of problems and the organisation’s website did not match the brand reputation and their operational standards.

Hence, the client contacted and presented with following requirements:

To improve the UX of their backend and the overall user Navigation of the Website.

To improve the UX writing of the website to enable their end-users with ease of use of the platform.

To improve the UI of the website for enhanced user engagement.

To provide data migration services.

To enhance the overall look and feel of the website for better prospect conversion optimisation.

To make the website self-explanatory to the new and existing end-users of the website

Based on those requirements, below are the comprehensive UX and UI services that I catered to the clients:


I have provided comprehensive UX and UI designing services where I acted as the UX consultant and the UX and UI implementer for the client to enhance and upgrade their mobile and web app to match the industry standards and provide a personalized and satisfactory experience to their elite end-users.

Benefits to the Client

Improved User Experience with the decrease in administrative cost by 73%.

Enhanced UI of the mobile and website improved user engagement by 88%.

The user traffic increased gradually by 53%.

The bounce rate of users was dropped to 27% from 73%.

Benefits to the End-users

Hassle-free website experience with clear functional visibility.

Improved navigation of the mobile and web app eliminated the help needed from the administrative personnel.

Better experience and improved functionality of the mobile and web app enabled a seamless buying experience.