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UI Elements: Integral Pieces of the UX Puzzle

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UI Elements: Integral Pieces of the UX Puzzle

This is the seventh blog in the series of 10 blogs where I am explaining all the aspects of the UX Design process and how they contribute to the whole designing process. Also, I attempt to make my clients understand what an ideal UX Design partner must offer them.

It is truly said that “The devil is in the detail”! In design, it is said that the presence of certain UI elements might not make a big difference, but their absence will definitely lead to dissatisfaction! Thus, while the designers pay much attention to the major things, it is essential that they pay attention to minor details that ultimately shape the User Experience. To keep it simple, UX design is like a Jigsaw Puzzle, where even one missing piece can leave the picture incomplete.

So, below are the UI Elements that the designers must plan:

Design Layout

The design layout is much more than just simple typography and composition. It is like preparing a dish where one can either mix all the ingredients and serve the plate to the customer, or they can garnish and present the platter in a way that it highlights each ingredient and the customer can not only enjoy the taste of the dish, but they can also get a visual treat!

Thus, it is essential for the designers to become a chef and plan their dish in a way that tastes amazing and looks ecstatic. There are a number of theories and so-called rules like the rule of thirds, where the designer divides the design into three rows and columns, and the intersection points are the place where they must place their subject design and the supporting elements. There is also a rule of emphasis and scale where the most important element of the design is presented in a focal area with the largest space to grab the attention of the users when they place their eyes on the screen!

Atomic Design

There are 'n' numbers of such theories and rules to make your design attractive. But, for a client, it is not the path but the destination that matters. Thus, instead of surfing the internet as to what an ideal Design Layout must be, a client must ensure that all the elements like the Lines, Shapes, Colour Pallets, Texture, Typography, and Forms are addressed and thought after.

Also, to ensure that the design is ideal, the Client must inspect that there is enough thought given to the Unity of elements, ideal space between the objects is kept, proper content hierarchy is maintained, and proper contrast and scale is provided to the integral elements of the design.

Design Images and Icons

The good UX designer is one that designs the images and icons as a tool of attraction for the users. Still, an expert UX Designer is one that designs the images and icons in a manner that it acts as a tool of communication along with the attraction for the users.

Atomic Design
Atomic Design

Because, no matter how attractive and creative the image or icon maybe, if they are not placed with a purpose and if the users are not aware of what the icons and images mean, then instead of engaging the users, the icons can confuse the users and may also lead to frustration. Thus, it is essential that a designer puts a thought before finalizing any image or icon of the design.

Fonts and Colour Hierarchy

For any application or website, the key to a visual masterpiece is not to choose the best fonts and colors for it. Still, the key is to create a visual balance that signifies each and every element and gives proper clarity to the users of the application. Because no matter how good the elements are, if they are not placed strategically, they might lead to a visual clutter that can create confusion for the users.

Atomic Design
Atomic Design

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I pay attention to every detail, and no matter how tight my deadlines are, I always plan all the things and give justice to every aspect of the Design without cutting any corners. So, if you need flawless designs that leave your users in awe, connect today!

Also, if you liked what you just read, I am covering all the aspects of UX Design here in my blog section to help my clients in choosing an ideal UX Design partner. If you wish to understand how important the whole UX Design process is, stay tuned to this space.

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