Building a groundbreaking product from scratch, my team and I developed a roadmap to construct a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that maximizes user engagement and expedites operations. We measured key performance indicators, targeted the right audience, tested proposed features, designed a scalable system for fast iteration, and maintained an ethical evaluation.


Revolutionizing eCommerce with AI

At SellerFusion, our mission is to empower eCommerce sellers to make informed buying and selling decisions based on industry trends and metrics. As part of a multi-disciplinary team, I focused on designing strategies and systems to reduce delays caused by existing processes and user journeys. My objective was to simplify and optimize these user journeys by implementing new tools, processes, and strategies approved by senior executives.

To ensure successful adoption of our products, I conducted product design workshops for both emerging and established products, improving user acceptance and onboarding times. I also coached and mentored product designers to enhance their skills in UX research, product management, continuous improvement, optimization, and data validation.

My role included leading meetings and presenting project progress to C-level executives, stakeholders, addressing identified concerns, and pitching proposals for potential solutions. With the help of my team, we assisted SellerFusion in scaling their products, teams, and strategies, ultimately increasing efficiency, reducing process delays, and enhancing user experience.


Key Contributions and Achievements

• Product Strategy

• Product Design

• User Experience

• Design System

• Design Architecture

• Team Growth

“All-in-One eCommerce Seller Toolkit. Everything you need to make eCommerce business easy and successful.”

- Mr. K. G., Chief of Product

Faster operations

Our team's dedication to streamlining user journeys resulted in real-time data tracking, automated store tools, and around-the-clock monitoring, allowing us to identify and resolve issues swiftly. Our efforts led to increased user satisfaction and more efficient task completion.

Task completion rate

By implementing new tools, processes, and strategies, I improved task completion rates and overall efficiency within the product design department. Coaching and mentoring designers in UX research, product management, optimization, and data validation resulted in marked improvements in task completion rates and process efficiency, ultimately boosting the productivity of the product design team.

Satisfaction rate

To increase customer satisfaction, our team conducted product design workshops to improve user acceptance and onboarding times. We implemented personalized emails and enhanced customer service to provide a more positive experience. These efforts raised customer satisfaction significantly, demonstrating the value of our hard work.

Improved user engagement

By analyzing data on ads, campaigns, keyword performance, and product reviews, we identified areas for improvement in customer loyalty and engagement. After implementing improvements in campaigns and keyword performance tracking and monitoring reviews, users became more engaged and returned to our platform regularly, resulting in increased user engagement and customer retention.

Maximizing Efficiency with Automated Data Visualization and Metrics Tracking


My findings revealed that businesses need an effective way to track business stats and metrics to stay competitive and maximize efficiency. Moreover, they require a means to monitor and protect their listings across multiple accounts to safeguard the company's reputation and earnings.

Businesses also need a solution to quickly identify and analyze reviews daily to reduce process delays and improve user experience. These findings were essential in developing solutions to enhance user experience and assist SellerFusion in scaling their products, teams, and strategies.

SellerFusion Dashboard

360° Data Analytics

360° Data analytics empowers businesses by transforming raw information into valuable insights for optimizing operations and making better decisions. By visualizing data and employing predictive analysis, statistical modeling, data mining, and more, businesses gain insights into their performance and can create more effective strategies for the future.

Automating processes frees up time for company owners and staff, while 24/7 real-time monitoring ensures businesses stay informed about the latest trends and customer behavior. Data analytics replaces guesswork with actionable insights, enabling stakeholders to discern past and potential future behavior and stay ahead of the competition.

SellerFusion Dashboard

Store Automation

Store automation provides merchants with the tools to excel in their market. It enables them to identify effective ad campaigns, manage inventories and profits, and receive feedback more efficiently.

No longer confined to traditional methods, merchants can leverage automated features to maximize profits, unlock the power of store data, and gain a competitive edge.

SellerFusion Dashboard

Real-Time Monitors

Real-time monitors are invaluable assets for online sellers and businesses. They enable users to track and manage marketing campaigns in real-time while providing detailed insights into keyword performance, competitor pricing, reviews, ratings changes, sentiment analysis, and even hijacking attempts to stay ahead of the competition.

With cutting-edge real-time monitor technology, businesses maintain an upper hand and can outperform competitors by staying one step ahead. Take control of your online presence with real-time monitors.

SellerFusion Dashboard
SellerFusion Dashboard
SellerFusion Dashboard
SellerFusion Dashboard

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